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Jaime Wetzel for Judge

I’m not a politician or a campaigner which is why you’re more likely to have a conversation with me
on the sidewalk, at the park or the grocery store than at your front door.

I’m running because after 24 years it’s time for a new face and fresh eyes in

the Court.

In my years as an investigator, I have learned that things are not always what they seem and that
you must review all the facts and evidence before making a decision.


I believe the qualifications for Magisterial District Judge should be determined, above all else,

by one’s conviction to the well-being of the community,

their adherence to the law, and the
confidence of the voters who elect them.


In this position, it is important for a Judge to look at the absolute fullest picture and
facts before rendering a decision. There is no place for personal relationships, money or bias in
courtroom decisions.


I have always stood for doing the right thing even when it wasn’t popular. As your
Judge, I promise a fair and open-minded hearing for every case.

Jaime Wetzel for Judge
Jaime Wetzel for Judge
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